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Is there a fire escape at your home or workplace that has become corroded? Do you think it might be unsafe? Get in touch today and we will provide a no obligation appraisal to advise you on next steps and on how you can ensure you are fully compliant with fire regulations

A Case Study: Fire Escape Repair at a Kensington Townhouse

We recently renovated a stair in Kensington, and you can see some of the common faults that may occur.


As is typical for stairs of this age that haven’t seen a lot of cyclic maintenance the right hand side stringer at ground level had rusted through. This has lead to that side dropping, and most of the cast iron treads fracturing.

The build-up of rust at the base of each baluster had lead to the balustrade canting over an bout 10 degrees and touching the nearside building wall


How we repaired the Fire Escape

  • We replaced all the cast iron treads with mild steel checkerplate (Durbar) treads folded up 50mm at the rear and down 50mm at the front.
  • We straightened the balustrade
  • We lifted the landing plate and replaced that, along with sundry cleats, trimmers
  • We then painted the whole with high performance modern paint formulated with anti-corrosion additives and high strength finish

Unfortunately we didn’t take a photo of the finished stair with the handrail painted! Despite this the difference between the photos we did take speaks volumes.

Fire escape Kensington before picture showing damage
Fire escape repair Kensington after work has been done

Fire Escape Repair in Kensington

Our knowledge and experience will ensure that your repaired fire escape meets all safety and fire regulations

Fire Escape Repair Renovation Installation staircase

Fire Escape Surveys Kensington

It is absolutely vital to maintain the integrity of a fire escape, be that at your home, your leased property or workplace. Damage is often visible  – missing treads or corroded metal is easy to spot! However sometimes it’s not easy to assess the extent of the corrosion to the untrained eye.  We advise all of our customers to carry out a fire escape survey every two to three years. This will make sure that you keep safe and legal. If you would like to find out more about an assessment get in touch

Replacing Fire Escapes South London

As you can tell from the case study above where possible we will try to repair the damaged fire escape. This causes the least disruption and is the most cost effective. However if the damage is to the extent that repair is no longer feasible we can help you replace the metal staircase. In this process we can help you  liaise with local authority and building regulators to ensure the new staircase fulfils all safety and building regulations. 

Fire Escape Repair in Kensington

Contact us today to organise a no obligation appraisal of your fire escape

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