Fire Escape Repair London


During these unusual times we would like to stress that we are still able to work within social distancing guidelines set out by our government, and the repair and maintenance of steel structures within London doesn't stop for Covid 19 !

Fire Escape Repair London. Fire Escape ladders and stairs

- repaired, renovated, supplied in London and surrounding areas.

  • Fire Escape Repair London
  • Serving London, Central London, Greater London and surrounding areas
  • Cast iron railings repaired
  • Cast iron railings replaced
  • London repairs to pavement escape hatches
  • We specialise in repairs as a cost effective solution but can replace if necessary

Based in London, Fire escape Ltd are specialists in the renovation and repair of fire escapes in London and surrounding areas. Owner Ian Cullingford has has worked in the industry for over twenty years, and has dedicated the last 15 years to fire escape renovations in London.

Contact Ian Cullingford:

Phone: 020 8665 6598 | 07712 892 875
Fax: 020 8683 0929

    Fire Escape Repair London - how do I repair or replace my fire escape?

    At Fire Escape Ltd we specialise in repairing and renovating existing fire escapes. Repairing fire escapes is often much cheaper than fitting a brand new metal staircase. If your existing London metal staircase has corroded, and is missing any treads etc call us and we can give you a free evaluation as to whether or not the staircase can be repaired, or if you need to invest in a new structure.

    Metal Staircase Surveys London

    Metal staircases can be very badly affected by corrosion. However this may not be obvious until a tread breaks or you order a survey of the the structure. It is good practice to regularly survey metal staircases. Fire Escape Ltd recommends a survey at least every three years to ensure that you adhere to all current safety requirements. Often this first stair inspection is free of charge. Get in touch with Fire Escape Repair London for more information.

    Why renovate London Fire Escapes

    In most circumstances renovation is less disruptive and more cost effective than replacing the fire escape system. It can be an effective solution to the problem of dilapidated steel and cast iron staircases. Whilst under repair the stair case will be out of use. This will typically be between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

    What happens if my London Fire Escape is past repair?

    In some instances it is more cost effective to replace the fire escape system. In these cases you must initially talk to your local authority. They will tell you what you can and cannot construct at your property. They will also advise on what you are permitted to do under the provisions of the Building Regulations. These cover fire safety in all new and altered applications. Once you are clear on local authority regulations your next step is to hire a structural engineer or an architect. The Structural engineer will provide you with a General Arrangement Drawing. This is a clear and accurate depiction of the space that the fire escape will occupy. it should show how it will be mounted. It will also describe the kind of paint finish it will have and foundation requirements.

    Building a new fire escape London - We can help!

    We're aware that this process may feel a little complex and daunting. If you want to streamline the process we are very happy to liaise with local authorities, surveyors, architects, structural engineers and fire authorities on your behalf. And of course we will build you a fantastic new fire escape!