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Many older west London properties may have a fire escape that needs some attention. Is there visible corrosion? Are there broken treads? Has the integrity of the structure become unsound? If any of these observations are valid your fire escape may not be compliant with fire regulations and may be unsafe for your family, tenants or employees.  

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A Case Study: Fire Escape Repair West London on a Victorian Property

We recently renovated a stair in West London. The 3 photos below show some of the specific faults that were addressed before we decorated the structure. If you think similar faults may be affecting your fire escape get in touch

Column corrosion

Often the steel sections corroded heavily just above ground. Beams often also corrode just at the point they enter the building.
The solution is to either weld plates over the areas, or temporarily prop the area, cut out a section and weld in a new steel section.
fire escape repair column rust

Tread and stringer corrosion

When steel corrodes the first level of corrosion is Surface Corrosion, up to approximately 1mm thick. After that the corrosion forms laminations, which then separate from the steel section to form Delaminating Corrosion. This Delaminating Rust expands, and when trapped between 2x metal sections (as in the photo a cast iron tread and mild steel stringer) the connective bolts can fracture, the steel section can fail due to loss of section, and the cast iron members can crack due to imposed stress.
The work in this sort of case is always to remove the tread, clean out the rust and bolt the items back together if the sections are adequate.
If the sections are damaged, we would cut out the sections, weld in new and then bolt the items back together
Fire escape repair west London tread corrosion

Spiral Cracking

In brickwork where steel is embedded the delaminting rust can expand at a ratio of 7mm of rust products from 1 mm of steel section. This expansive force can result in cracking radiating out from the embedded section.
The solution is generally to remove the steel section, repair the brickwork locally, and re-attach the steel section typically using a resin fixed plate rather than replicating the embedded steel detail.
Fire escape repair west London spiral cracking

Fire Escape Repair in West London

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Fire Escape Repair Renovation Installation staircase

Fire Escape Surveys West London

If you have concerns about the safety or integrity of your fire escape in West London,  the safest solution is to carry out a fire escape survey. This will identify whether or not your fire escape meets all safety and fire regulations. If we establish that there are areas that need to be improved in order to meet legal guidelines we will advise on the most most efficient and cost effective methods available to you.  Sometimes it is difficult to establish the extent of the corrosion to the untrained eye. Therefore,  we recommend that you carry out a fire escape survey every two to three years. If you would like to find out more about an assessment get in touch

Replacing Fire Escapes West London

As was the case in our case study above, where possible we will repair a damaged metal staircase rather than replace it entirely. However if replacement is the only option we can help too! A new fire escape requires full liaison with the local authority and building regulators to ensure the new staircase fulfils all safety and building regulations. We can organise and expedite this process for you. 

Fire Escape Repair in West London

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